The galvanized coil is produced by hot-dip galvanizing process using a hot-rolled steel strip or a cold-rolled steel strip as a substrate. The hot-dip galvanized sheet is supplied by cross-cutting in a rectangular plate; the hot-dip galvanized coil is supplied in a roll form.Galvanized Steel Coils Manufacturers

What is galvanized coil

Galvanized coils can therefore be divided into hot-rolled galvanized coils and cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized coils, which are mainly used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, containers, transportation, and the home industry. Especially in the steel structure construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing and other industries. Their characteristics are mainly: strong corrosion resistance, good surface quality, good for deep processing, economical and practical

The galvanized coil is immersed in a molten zinc bath to adhere a thin layer of zinc to the surface. At present, it is mainly produced by a continuous galvanizing process, that is, a coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in a zinc-plated plating tank to form a galvanized steel sheet; an alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This steel sheet is also produced by hot dip, but immediately after it is discharged, it is heated to about 500 ° C to form an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This galvanized roll has good adhesion and weldability of the coating.3 inch square tubing

The galvanized coil is mainly used in the production of outdoor enclosures and ventilation ducts, the production of fireproof pipelines, the fabrication of bridges, the production of exporting appliances, the production of luminous characters and plates, and the processing of chimneys and wrought iron products.

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