Nowadays, many regions are facing serious energy crisis problems. The energy crisis will not only affect people’s quality of life, but excessive energy waste will also cause serious environmental problems. Therefore, developing new energy sources to reduce energy consumption is a problem that modern society needs to solve. . The absorption and utilization of solar energy can effectively alleviate the energy crisis. BecauseĀ Hot dipped galvanized square tubing solar energy is inexhaustible, people can absorb and use natural energy in time by installing solar panels. PV brackets can be used for fixed installation of solar panels. The device plays a positive role in the development of the energy industry.

In most people’s minds, the photovoltaic support is simply a fixture that can be used to securely mount the solar panel to avoid deviations from the device due to other factors. In fact, this kind of bracket can not only achieve the purpose of fixing in the process of use, but also can be flexibly adjusted in combination with the installation requirements of the solar panel.

The solar panel can be placed in a sunny position by adjusting the photovoltaic support, so this bracket plays a significant role in the absorption and utilization of solar energy. There are also some ways to pay attention when installing the bracket. When fixing the solar panel, pay attention to the mounting position of the bracket. The bracket can only be installed on the wall and can ensure the stability.

In addition, the orientation of the PV bracket is also critical. The staff can check the surrounding environment before installation and then select the appropriate installation location based on the local lighting conditions. After the bracket is fixed, the use of the bracket needs to be checked regularly to avoid quality problems caused by the weather conditions such as wind.

What are the advantages of photovoltaic systems?

1. The use of hybrid power supply photovoltaic systems can also achieve better utilization of renewable energy. Because independent systems that use renewable energy are usually designed in the worst case, because renewable energy is variable and unstable, the system must be designed with the least amount of energy generated. Since the system is designed in the worst case, the system capacity is too large at other times. The excess energy generated during the peak period of solar radiation is not wasted and wasted. The performance of the entire stand-alone system is thus reduced. If the worst month situation is very different from other months, it may result in wasted energy equal to or even exceeding the design load.

2. Has a high system utility. In a stand-alone system, because the change and instability of renewable energy will cause the system to fail to meet the load demand, that is, there is a load shortage, the use of the hybrid system will greatly reduce the load shortage rate.

3. Less maintenance and use of less fuel than systems with diesel generators alone.

4. Higher fuel efficiency. In the case of low load, the diesel engine’s fuel utilization rate is very low, which will cause fuel waste. Comprehensive control is possible in the hybrid system to allow the diesel engine to operate near rated power, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

5. Better load matching flexibility. After using the hybrid system, the hybrid system can be applied to a wider range of load systems because the diesel generator can provide greater power on the fly, such as the use of larger AC loads, shock loads, and the like. It also better matches the load and system power generation. As long as the backup energy is turned on during the peak load period, it can be easily done. Sometimes, the size of the load determines the need to use a hybrid system. Large loads require large currents and high voltages. If you just use solar energy, the cost will be high.

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