T-ISS SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is utilized for the impression of SOLAS life saving apparatuses, for example, life coats, life pontoons or rafts. Our SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is an epitomized focal point sheet gave an adaptable and completely straightforward plastic foil. The tape is extraordinarily intended for the marine/seaward industry, has a long life expectancy, high clearness and antielamination. All our reflective tapes comprise of an embodied optical plan with a China Reflection Membrane manufacturers high reflective worth that is unmistakably apparent from each point, both in dry and wet conditions.

Our SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is type II supported concurring IMO A658(16), this implies it very well may be utilized indoor just as open air and is reasonable for all applications, outrageous climate conditions and nonstop open air openness.

By applying SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape the existence saving apparatuses will be exceptionally noticeable, when for instance helicopter lights are utilized to look for these articles. The tape is accessible as self-cement and stitchable.

● Reduce heat transmission

● Able to oblige development and scaffold laughs hysterically to 3mm

● Excellent protection from bright beams

● Reduce earth get

● Foot sellable when relieved

Rayshield Heat Reflective Waterproofing Membrane is a one segment fluid applied waterproofing membrane that gives fantastic reflectance and elastomeric properties intended for uncovered applications. Ideal for use on all new and old roofs, porches and overhangs floors and dividers.


Reflective standard: Given beneath are a portion of the ordinary utilizations of reflective pennant

  1. phenomenal for PC cutting operation;
  2. Great adaptability and scratch opposition, untearable;
  3. high perceivability during evening too.
  4. stronge cement execution
  5. Temperature/Weather (UV, downpour and frost)resistant accessible
  6. long solidness, high splendor and hostile to assurance


Brief street traffic signs, road pennant, modern security sign work site signs, cautioning bollards,Advertisement signs, wellbeing signs and so forth

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